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Painful, sensitive teeth may not only disrupt your day, they can signal you have a dental infection. At District Cosmetic Dental in Washington, D.C., Shaun Alex, DDS, performs advanced root canal procedures to relieve pain and save your teeth. Contact the office today or schedule an appointment online to find the cause of your tooth pain.

Root Canal Q & A

What is a root canal?

Root canals are one of the most common dental procedures in the nation. Each year, dentists perform more than 14 million root canals in the United States.

During a root canal, Dr. Alex removes the infected tissue — known as the pulp — from the center of your tooth. These infections occur when bacteria gets to your tooth’s center through decay, cracks or other injuries. You may have an infection if you experience symptoms like:

  • Tooth swelling
  • Tooth or gum pain
  • Temperature sensitivity

If the infection is not treated, it can continue to spread from inside your tooth to your tooth’s root and even to your jawbone. It can also severely damage your tooth or cause it to fall out. The infection can even enter your bloodstream and cause serious problems in other areas of your body. 

How do dentists perform root canals?

During your root canal, Dr. Alex will ensure you stay as comfortable as possible.

Dr. Alex specializes in microscope-assisted endodontic treatment. During this advanced procedure, he uses a microscope to carefully examine the tooth and make a very precise incision into your tooth. He inserts tiny tools through this incision and removes the infected pulp and disinfects the inside of the tooth. Once he is certain the infection is removed, he fills in the inside of your tooth with a biodegradable material. He’ll also give you a temporary filling to close the incision and protect your tooth.

In your next appointment, Dr. Alex will place a dental crown over your tooth. Your crown will provide long-lasting protection. Made of zirconium, it will look and feel like your other teeth, so your smile will look natural.

What are the benefits of microscope-assisted endodontic treatment?

The aim of all root canals is to prevent tooth loss and relieve pain. But microscope-assisted endodontic treatment offers even more benefits, because it allows Dr. Alex to see more detail than he could with his eyes alone. This approach offers benefits like:

  • A more accurate and cleaner incision into the tooth
  • Less chance of damaging surrounding tissue
  • Faster recovery time
  • Reduced chance of needing follow-up procedures
  • Lower risk of complications
  • The ability to reach more areas of the tooth

Thanks to microscope technology, Dr. Alex can perform more complete, precise root canals than ever before. Learn more by contacting District Cosmetic Dental today or by scheduling an appointment online.